** Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Symposium key dates may need to be changed. We ask you for some patience and we will upload news on the website as soon as additional information becomes available.**

Tuesday 1 September (pre-symposium events)
_ technical workshop: using Jupyter Notebooks for sharing models and supporting decision-making
_ field trip to Wessex Water operations centre  + visit to Bath

Wednesday 2 September (symposium)
_ oral and poster presentations
_ group discussion: how do we evaluate our models and methods? how do we ensure they are transparent and trustworthy? how do we deal with model uncertainty?

Thursday 3 September (symposium: industry focused day)
_ oral and poster presentations
_ panel discussion: how do we facilitate knowledge transfer between academia and industry? how do we ensure that models & methods are used by their intended users?
_ symposium dinner

 Friday 4 September (symposium)
_ oral and poster presentations
_ group discussion: the future of water resource system operation and management: what are the challenges and opportunities ahead of us? 

Keynote speakers
Jean Spencer – Chair of the UK National Water Resources Framework Senior Steering Group
Prof. Zoran KapelanChair and Professor of Urban Water Infrastructure, Technology University Delft, the Netherlands